Do business cards really promote your business?

...of course they do, and they put a name to a face!

With most modern business transactions occurring digitally, the humble business card is thought by many to be an antiquated communication tool our parents used to network with. However, is this really the case and does the business card have a place in modern business transactions? The simple answer is that the business card can still be an incredibly powerful business tool. 

Chris Cook, partner in Boston based print & design company Chris Cook Print, explains: "...when you meet a person at a business event, make sure to ask for their business card. Perhaps even write a note or two on the reverse side of the card to capture the key points of your conversation while they're still fresh in your mind. The bottom line here is to have a physical record of contacts you make so you can follow up as appropriate..." 

“Additionally, ensuring that you have your own, professionally produced business card can be just as important. Business cards put a face to a business. When meeting someone new, handing them your business card will help keep your business in the back of their minds." 
Chris Cook Print has been at the forefront of business card production since it was founded 25 years ago. Development in this market over the last decade has allowed a formally premium printed product to become accessible to a much broader customer base. The development in full colour business card production means that a set of business cards that may have cost as much as £100 a decade ago, now cost as little as £29!

“To highlight how much of an impact this shift has made to the everyday consumer, we now produce a staggering 1,000 business cards each and every day.“

For the month of January we have a great offer where you can save yourself 30%, for example 250 single sided business cards would normally be £39 plus VAT on offer at only £27.30 plus VAT!
...or go for 500 double sided business cards which would normally be £69 plus VAT on offer at only £48.30 plus VAT ...saving yourself over £20!
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Business Card Prices

All of our business cards are designed to fit your requirements and we have a variety of business board available to choose from. Please refer to our prices below to get a head start on what you are looking for:

White 350gm Business Board - Size 88mm x 55mm
Quantity Black 1 Colour Full Colour Full Colour Double Sided
100 £15 £25 £29 £39
250 £25 £36 £39 £49
500 £35 £49 £55 £69
1,000 £48 £69 £79 £99
2,000 £70 £99 £109 £139
All prices exclude VAT @ current rate

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